FunkFit was founded to attract a fitness community of positive minded individuals who encourage each other to become 1% better every day.Online and virtual coaching programs are everywhere. The problem is knowing which programs are going to help you feel your best and make it easy and fun for you to stay consistent. Most people start a program with all the right intentions and quickly fizzle out within 2 weeks. The variety within the FunkFit programs will keep you engaged, motivated, and most importantly, on track to hit the goals you’ve set for yourself!

FunkFit Programs


Safe and Effective
FunkFit focuses on 4 basic modalities: Strength. Endurance. Mobility. Nutrition. We keep it simple, but simple doesn't mean easy. If you're up for the challenge, subscribe to any one of FunkFit's programs that will push you to become what you've always wanted to be- In the best shape of your life.
Coaches with Authority
Former personal trainers turned gym owners, Jeremy Jones and Luis Galindo, have pioneered a new approach to fitness that leaves lasting results. Luis and Jeremy firmly believe in exercise that increases your quality of life, starting on day one. Each workout will give you the workout results you're looking for
Strength and Endurance
Challenge yourself today and complete one of the workouts in FunkFit's Program Library and stay consistent until you finish the full program. Staying consistent in your workouts will cause change as fast as humanly possible. 1% Better Every Day.

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